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Google Introduces Auto-Delete Feature For Easing Obliteration Of History

Google is again found to be in the news for the discovery of a new feature. The latest is tool for erasing the searched options of the people. The people have their interests changing very often like there are times they want their search history clear or have it filled with few of the searched items. Thus, looking at all this, the tech giant has come with a new privacy tool wherein the users’ can automatically delete data related to location and history searches. Earlier, the people had to manually clear their history by pressing a few buttons, but now the work has all been eased. The new automated process could help one clear the data every 3–18 Months and their history can be completely cleansed.

Google has added the auto-delete option not only on Google Searches but also on YouTube Searches as well. Google has also provided a new option that is to turn off all the tracking when searching through YouTube and Google. The clearing of the search results could have an impact on the personalized search interests but Google has not made it a compulsion for the users. The people interested are only advised to use the auto-delete option. This tool is soon expected to be added to Google products like Search, Maps, and YouTube.

Similarly, Google will soon be adding a new Health unit to its Google Search. The basic idea is to ease up the task of finding appropriate medical records for medical professionals. This new unit will help make the search faster by just picking random terms like 80 instead of the 80-year old patient. However, nothing much has been revealed about the divisions in the Health unit. The new search pattern can help make it easier for doctors to look for treatments based on the latest research.

Marisol Bailey
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