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Brain Scan Possible In Kids With This New “Bike Helmet” Style Scanner

A modified bike helmet has been used by researchers to devise a tool that can examine brain activity in kids in real-time. Ultimately, the technology might be utilized on individuals with neurodevelopmental disorders like epilepsy and autism, as reported by the researchers in Nature Communications. A wearable MEG (magnetoencephalography) device was inserted by the scientists into an ordinary bike helmet, and fruitfully logged the response of the brain to maternal touch in kids aged 2–5.

With standard tools, it is extremely hard to scan kids under 8, according to Matthew Brookes, one of the researchers who worked on the tool. He said, “This is because in juvenile kids, their heads are very petite to fit the scanner correctly and that denotes loss of data quality. Additionally, younger kids have a tendency to budge more.” The tool is outfitted with lightweight, tiny sensors that avert the scan from being impacted by head movement.

The helmet replicas can be worn by kids while at home to decrease nervousness during the scanning, said the scientists. The device isn’t restricted to kids. Brookes and the team utilized the device’s bigger variants to log brain activity on a 24-year-old playing the ukulele and a youngster playing video games. Brookes stated his teammates at University College London were functioning on the MEG device’s clinical use, comprising surgical mapping and diagnosis, for children and adults with epilepsy. The team is buoyant that applications can be extended to other conditions, like mental health, dementia, and brain injury.

Likewise, chemical investigation of blood samples, together with an AI program, can accelerate the brain tumors’ diagnosis, as per a study represented at the 2019 NCRI Cancer Conference. Scientists state their test—that functions by identifying chemical traces dropped by brain tumors into the blood—can assist in enhancing brain tumor survival by making analysis faster and more efficient.

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