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The Facebook Chatbot Offers To Answer Tricky Questions

After series of controversies related to the role of Facebook in the different issues like that of election and all, and after several allegations against the company to deal with hate speeches, the company has designed a chatbot for the same purpose.

According to the experts and the spokesperson of Facebook, this chatbot is under a testing phase and it will be answering the questions that are commonly made with critical answers too. He also said that the chatbot will be offering links to the newsroom and other promotional aspects when asked.

On a proper declaration about the running phase of chatbot and the technology behind it, Facebook declared that they have initiated AI in it, which will continuously update it with the conversations made. This will eventually help them, moderators, to check out the conversations and eliminate the hate speeches and politically promotional speeches, to make Facebook clear out its image.

He also referred to our reporter that they are continuously working on the chatbot and presently it is under the observation, while it is updating itself with the staff of Facebook. The staff of the giant tech company is putting the conversations that are made with their relatives in the chatbot, which is eventually increasing the stock of it, resulting in its intelligent answering with the critical questions.

Though Twitter, after the declaration from Facebook, has shown some less-interested message to New York Times, yet Facebook is very much into it and it believes that this newly designed technology is going to make a better yielding in the coming year and will be making social networking much more accessible for people of all places and of all ages. This is however just the first show of the same and hence, much relies upon what the company comes up with the next update.

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