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Texas-size cyclone discovered by Juno probe of NASA

Recently, the discovery of a new cyclone was led by Juno spacecraft of NASA, as per reported by the space agency. The flyby, which happened on November 3, flew just 2,175 miles overhead the planet to gather the information. The discovery took place when the mission crew was focusing to preserve the solar powered spacecraft. Scott Bolton, who is principal investigator of Juno said in a release that, it has been realized by us that the orbit was going to carry Juno into the shadow of Jupiter, which might possess grave consequences as we are powered by solar.

He also added that, no sunlight is equal to no power, so the real risk is that we may freeze till death. While the crew was concentrating on the process to conserve energy and maintain heated core, the engineers arrived with a totally new way: shadow of Juno Jupiter. It was similar to a steering knock of mastermind. In the month of July 2016, when Juno was arrived to Jupiter for the first time, 9 massive cyclones were discovered by it in the north and 6 in the direction of south that bordered the poles of the planet.

According to the data, 5 windstorms were circling nearby a central storm at the south pole, forming a shape of pentagon around it. It did not seem the storms were about to stop at anytime soon to permit for other cyclones to take over, but on the recent flyby of Juno, it’s twenty-second one, an all-new cyclone came to life. Alessandro Mura, who works as a co-investigator at Juno said that, the newly discovered cyclone is nearly the size of Texas but smaller as compare to others. It might be shown getting better by the future flyby information. Reportedly, the speed of the cyclone was 225 meter per hour.

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