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Bulls and Bears debate the impact of the trade deal

The market had been anticipating the fact that there are going to be no further tariffs once the trade deal is signed and that is a positive signal however the traders are now in argument over the impact on the earnings in 2020. The bulls feel that there are a few issues that had for long been a problem maybe on the verge of being resolved and are going to be sufficient to encourage the market to surge to newer highs.

The bears feel that the trade tensions are not going to go anywhere and a global growth that is lacking is going to affect the market in the year 2020

One of the analysts, Jeff Mills has been happy about the deal and has been advising his clients to go ahead and buy as he feels that they are in an environment where the central banks are globally going to remain easy and there is a huge amount of liquidity that exists as there is a sentiment which is subdued and a positioning which isn’t aggressive and a economy that is not looking like it is going into a recession in anyway and he feels that it would be a safe assumption that the market is going to go up rather than going down.

There are others though who warn against it like Alec Yong who feels that a lot of the tariffs are still existent and there has been no evidence yet which suggests that these tariffs are going to be removed in any way. He further feels that the numbers are beating the expectations but they are still very soft at the present moment.

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