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COP25: Longest climate talks end with compromise deal

The United Nations member countries recently sent their delegates to the climate talks in Madrid. The meeting that just ended has been the longest so far and has been conducted for about two weeks. In fact, the meeting was extended for two more days.

But it failed to deliver the expectations it promised. There have not been any concrete steps or decisions taken by the delegates in the meeting. This is largely due to the accusations and the blame put forward by some of the smaller countries who blamed mostly all the developed countries in the world like the US, China, Germany, France, UK of not taking sufficient steps to reduce their carbon output.

In fact, there was a debate over this and the delegates had almost quarrelled with each other on the issue. This was in stark resemblance to the UN meetings conducted so far as such debate and arguments had never occurred previously.

In the last two days when the meeting was extended it was finally decided that the member countries will need to submit a detailed plan and steps to reduce their carbon footprint and give exact numbers and projections of how it plans to do so. All this needs to be done before the delegates meet again at the next major conference to be conducted in Glasgow next year.

All the members will have to address the gap and give proper action plans to avoid the pointy of ‘no return’. At the present rate of carbon emission and the rate of global warming, it’s not long before we reach the point of ‘no return’. Scientists and environmentalists have warned that that thing could come upon us only by the end of the next decade.

Such alarming is the situation that immediate steps need to be taken to reduce carbon emissions. But at the present work rate, it could be around 2050 before we attain zero carbon emission.

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