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OP-Z Companion App By Teenage Engineering Now Accessible On Android

When it came out previously this year, there was one tiny blunder to the otherwise outstanding bundle that was Teenage Engineering’s very small but influential OP-Z synth: you could not employ its useful companion app if you had a handset running on Android. Almost 9 Months after the fact, the firm has dealt with that problem with a new beta launch that you can install from the Google Play Store.

The companion app lets you to see how you have mixed music, along with any effects you might have used for a track. Its minimalist style matches well with the look of the OP-Z itself, with small splashes and clean lines of color assisting to distinguish disparate interface components. Teenage Engineering claims that the app also acts as a method to learn the outs and ins of its synth—a fine thing, as the OP-Z does not come with an entire manual.

On the other hand, the coolest feature of the tool is that it lets you to employ the camera on your handset to make slideshows and videos that accompany your songs. When users reviewed the OP-Z, they claimed that this part of the application was “very fun.” While it took a bit of swindling with iTunes, users were capable of getting Bob’s Burgers’ Tina to change one of the songs.

Just remember that this is a beta launch, with all the normal drawbacks that come with unfinished apps. There are reports over on Reddit of the app not operating on a series of handsets, comprising popular devices such as the OnePlus 6, Galaxy S10, and Pixel 2. Given that it took a while for Teenage Engineering to get out the app, it might take some time for the firm to solve all the errors.

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