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Study finds that IVF may have led to the rise in cancer cases

At the time when the embryos that are frozen are put into use in the process of IVF, the children who are born as a result have a risk of development of a few types of cancer a lot more than the other kids. The same has been suggested by a study conducted in Denmark.

Analyzing the records of health of over a million children in Denmark, the researchers have been able to find that the babies which are conceived by the assisted reproduction that involves a transfer of frozen embryos had over twice the likelihood of developing cancer from the childhood especially neuroblastoma and leukemia.

The leader of the study has said that they did not find these risks being increased through any other kind of treatments of fertility.

The leader named Hargreave has called for the conducting of a lot more researches to validate the findings of her group. Further it is important that stress is paid on the fact that the risk is increased in a very small number of the individuals as the cancer in childhood is extremely rare.

The country has among the highest rates of reproduction that is assisted in the world through technologies of reproduction. In the year 2018 as many as 9.8% of the newborns in Denmark had been born through the fertility treatments as per the notes of the researchers in their reports.

The team of researcher had sought the registries of birth in the nation and also the death and medical records for seeing if the techniques which were used for assisted reproduction may elevate the risk of cancer in the children of the country.

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