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Third quarter reports suggest that the solar industry has made a comeback

A new report for the third quarter that has come from an association of industries engaged in solar energy production has said that there is further proof that the solar energy is going to keep kicking the fossil fuels out of business. This report has suggested that there has been a year on year growth of 45% for the industry and this is something that is extremely strong. This is also not the most important thing about the report. The biggest thing observed in the report was that a few of the states had went on to report their best ever quarter.

There are other reports though from the Solar Market Insight which suggest that everything is not completely well either with the solar industry as one of their research has noted that the growth all in all for the year 2019 has been forecast at 23%, This forecast is down from the 25% which was made earlier in the year.

The picture though is much better than the scenario which was evident some two months ago in the month of September as this report has made a forecast to he around 17 % for the industry year for Solar Energy.

The major reasons for this recovery have been the report of Q2 which had taken into account a shift in the plans for various projects that were being done on a large scale. These were scheduled to begin in the year 2019 but had been pushed to the next year. This had lowered the expectations. The small scale installations though turned out to be the savior as there were small scale installations in the quarter three for some residential areas in the third quarter which was record setting.

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