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Teenager dies three weeks after contracting mononucleosis

A teenager in Florida has passed away after she contracted mononucleosis which is also known as the kissing disease. The teenager who was called Ariana Rae Delfs was 17 years of age and had been experiencing headaches constantly close to three weeks ago however her parents had made an assumption that it was only a cold or maybe flu.



They had taken her to meet many doctors who had run a lot of tests including the one for mononucleosis however they were not able to figure out what exactly was wrong.


After Ariana started throwing up and had been taken to the hospital, she suffered a stroke after she had complained that she was not able to feel her legs.

She had been rushed to one more hospital where she had been diagnosed with an Epstein-Barr virus that is the cause for the diseases.

The stroke till then though had left the girl with brain damage that was irreparable and she had died three days after the stroke.

Her father says that at the time she had become sick for the first time, he was not very worried apart from the fact that she was suffering from a headache.

The thing that persisted throughout however was the headache she had and it was almost like she always had this headache as per her father.

In her tests for a lot of viruses including this one at the office of her doctor however none had been detected.

Her condition got a lot worse after her nervous parents took her to the hospital early in the morning.

Her father also said that she felt like her legs had been just giving out.

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