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China Reportedly Banning The Use Of Technology From The United States

China’s trade ban on companies from the United States was only being perceived as a matter of time as retaliation to the ban of gear by Huawei in the United States. There is a report that all of the government institutions and the public organizations have been ordered by Beijing to let go of their computer gear that has come from the west. As per the report, China is going to spend between the present time and till the year 2022 in transitioning off all of the hardware from America and also the software is going to replace it with the alternatives which are present locally.

This is not the first time that there has been a declaration by China against the technology coming from America. However, this time the move may have a lot more urgency as the country is looking to push against the broader picture of geopolitics. Also, there are other nations such as Russia which are now offering to push the technology that they manufacture onto the citizens.

China has also been looking at ways of controlling the Internet and making sure that the data of the country stays inside China after the 2017 law for China Internet Security. Among the features of this law was to ensure that the technology remained secure and could be controlled which is a process that is usually very troublesome.

Companies that are expected to be pained by this declaration are companies like Microsoft which have already not been in good terms with the Chinese government and other companies like Apple, HP, and Dell.

However, the definition of the products which are sourced from all over the world has not been made clear yet.

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