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Steph Korey Resigns As The CEO Of Away

There had been reports on Thursday about the luggage company by the name of Away, which is a fast-rising company, being in the middle of a mess as the private communication is almost banned and the representatives of customer services have been berated publicly on multiple occasions on the Slack public channels.

There has been a focus this year which has emerged on how the companies in tech have been treating their employees and the manner in which they have been governing them and the way the tools like Slack are used enables surveillance which goes both ways.

Steph Korey, the CEO, had fired a lot of employees after he read the messages of a channel which had been started by the LGBT employees as their discussion place for the workplace issues but, at the same time, the message of Korey at 3AM on Slack in which she had given a promise of helping her employees learn skills of accountability for their careers by banning the paid time off has told a story of her management skills in a manner that could be better than any anecdote.

Korey had resigned on Monday. This has happened only four days after one investigation had underscored the toxic culture of the company. Korey was among the co-founders of the brand and is going to be replaced with Stuart Haselden who is an executive formerly of Lululemon. Korey is going to continue as the executive chairman of the company.

The news has come a few days post the public backlash which the company had faced after the leaked documents showed that the company had been intimidating the employees publicly on the Slack Channels.

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