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Uber Facing The Problem Of Sexual Misconduct By Its Drivers

In the past few years, many ridesharing companies and, particularly Uber, have been on the wrong end of accusations for being unable to find an adequate response to the reports of crimes specifically related to sexual assault, which have been linked to those on their platform. The company has now released their safety report in addition to many notes about the steps being taken by the company for making their rides safer for their passengers.

In 2017 and 2018, there were close to 6,000 reports that Uber had received regarding sexual abuse and there were 19 reports of fatal assaults which stand out in the report.

Uber though has noted that while these are a very small fraction of the number of trips that have been taken in that period (close to 2.3 Billion), it also admitted that these were devastating for the ones who were involved in them.

The report that had been commissioned by their current CEO Dara Khosrowshahi about two years ago, is an accurate description of the pervasive problems all through the society. The report though does not provide an explanation of why the reporting and dealing methods of these issues are happening after a billion trips have been taken and not prior to the operations happening.

Uber has mentioned their developments like the safety button in its app along with a few new changes. The company is going to share the deactivated driver’s names with the other contemporaries in an unprecedented move so that they are not able to drive other platforms. They are also planning to provide training on the education of sexual misconduct for the drivers starting next year.

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