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Drug Used For Parkinson’s May Be Able To Cure Delusion In Alzheimer’s

A drug that usually curbs the delusions for patients suffering from the Parkinson’s disease has been able to do the same for the people who have Alzheimer’s disease and any other form of dementia as per a study which had been stopped early since the benefits of the disease were apparently clear.

This targets a few of the most troublesome symptoms which the caregivers and patients have to face. The hallucinations which often are a cause for aggression, anxiety, verbal, and physical abuse are among the major cause of stress for the patients of Alzheimer’s.

The results had been disclosed at a conference on Wednesday in San Diego.

The experts who were and were not part of the study have called this as an important advance with regard to the disease.

The name of the drug is pimavanserin and this pill meant for use every day is being sold by Acadia Pharmaceuticals Inc. under the name of Nuplazid. It had been approved for psychosis which had been related to Parkinson’s in the year 2016 and has been thought to be working by blocking a chemical in the brain that seemingly spurs delusions.

As per statistics, close to 8 million people in America suffer from dementia and there are studies which suggest that they end up developing psychosis.

Experts have called this frightening as people begin to believe things that are not true like someone stealing from them or their spouses being unfaithful to them. These false beliefs are said to be the most common ones.

The study has shown that the pill can effectively make sure that these delusions do not happen to those who have Alzheimer’s

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