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Stocks of United States grow on Tuesday to record high

The stocks of United States grew up to a new high on Tuesday as the investors were focused on the trade talks between United States and China and an assessment of economy which was positive and was done by Jerome Powell, Federal Reserve Chairman.

All the major stock indices of the country saw a growth. The volumes had been expected to stay subdued before the holiday of Thanksgiving on Thursday which is going to see the markets in United States closed following by a small trading session this Friday.

The action on Tuesday had marked the record close for the 10th time in the month for three major indexes of the country.

The markets have been sensitive to the developments in the trade battle which has been running for long between China and United States and have been rallying since the month of October after it was signalled by Beijing and Washington that they are going to work towards a deal which is aimed at the resolution of issues which were controversial. There is still an important deadline of 15th December when the tariffs on Chinese goods is going to take effect in United States.

The top negotiators from U.S. and China had made an agreement on the talks of a deal which is being called the phase one deal as per the ministry of commerce in China on Tuesday. The ministry had said that the Vice Premier of China had spoken to the trade representative in US in a conversation which was focused on resolving the issue of trade and the core concerns of each other’s countries and other issues like the Hong Kong protests were also discussed.

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