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Man dies due to licking of a dog with an infection

A man who was 63 years of age entered in a hospital after feeling a burning sensation in the left leg and also his muscles were paining. The symptoms were flu-like and were severe as he was short of breath for three days. The man had round spits on his skin which were looking like rashes which were due to the bleeding of capillaries that had made his legs seem discoloured.

The heartbeat of the patient remained stable as per the doctors even though his temperature was 102. The breathing shortage had caused the tissues to not receive oxygen in sufficient supply. The kidneys which had failed were not even producing urine as per the researchers.

The doctors though had no clue of what was going wrong for him. Their suspicions were of the involvement of bacteria although he did not have any wounds which were open and neither did he have meningitis.

On the fourth day of him being in hospital, a blood test provided the revelation that this man had a bacteria type which is found in dogs’ and cats’ saliva. It is the kind which is transmitted in humans only when the human is bitten by a dog. However this man died just because the dog had licked him.

There have been reports published about an otherwise healthy man losing his life because of bacteria in the dog’s saliva.

Doctors had revealed that he was suffering from lot of ailments including kidney injury and dysfunctions along with muscle tissue deterioration which can result in the failure of kidneys. He also had lactic acid inside his bloodstream

The man passed just weeks after his treatment had begun.

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