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KT Rolls Out Service Robot In Novotel Hotel

KT (the South Korean telecom company) has rolled out service robots in Seoul at a hotel that can deliver goods in guests’ rooms. The robot of the carrier, named as N bot, can be called to the rooms by guests at Novotel Ambassador Seoul Dongdaemun Hotels & Residence.

They can employ touch on designated handsets or voice command to list the products that they require, such as bottled water or towel. N bot will deliver the requested products and board on elevators on its own to offer them to users. The robot can do this by being linked wirelessly to the elevators, and having autonomous driving and 3D spatial mapping techs designed by KT, the firm claimed.

The service is presently accessible at the Novotel hotel in a hundred rooms but the telecom company claimed it will extend this moving forward. N bot will also wander during Christmas holidays in the hotel lobby to offer unique gifts to users who have checked-in, the firm claimed. KT expects the robots will let hotel employees to better administer resources to enhance quality of services to users. At Novotel, the firm is also offering AI translation services that let users to control their room settings and access available services. It supports Chinese, English, and Japanese.

Previous month, compatriot LG, at a South Korean buffet franchise, set up a noodle-making bot. Named as Cloi Chefbot, the bot will be set up in the open kitchen area at the noodle corner in Deungchon, Seoul, at the buffet restaurant CJ Foodville’s Veep.

Users can give a bowl to the robot with components they chose. Chefbot will then move forward to make the gravy and noodles, and place it in the bowl for the users, LG claimed. The procedure consumes almost a minute.

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