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First Electric Truck By GM Might Be Ready In 2021

GM aims to bring an electric vehicle to the industry in winter of 2021, media claimed. Mary Barra (GM CEO) made the declaration this week during the investor day of the firm. The electric truck plans by GM were speculated previous month, when the media claimed that the Detroit-Hamtramck Assembly Plant might stay open to manufacture the electric pickup. But this is the first time the firm has cited a timeline.

The electric truck sector is turning out to be more crowded. The R1T electric pickup by Rivian is planned to come next year, and Tesla aims to launch its electric truck in a couple of years from now. Ford is designing an all-electric F-150, and while the firm has shared a clip of its prototype towing more than a million pounds, it has not informed when the EV will launch.

On a related note, Ford is not the only firm who stepped into SEMA with an electrified edition of a recognizable car. Chevy has revealed a hot rod E-10 Concept that seems like a smashed vintage pickup truck, but bundles methodically modern EV technology. It is fueled by a double stack of electric crate concept motors that offer an expected 450HP, or sufficient to get to 60MPH in 5 seconds.” There is even a traditional automatic transmission. On the other hand, it is the sound that actually stands out—Chevy’s concept is developed for hot rodders who would be self-conscious about the shortage of engine noise.

The truck has a 3-speaker sound emulator that copies the V8 engine’s induction in the front and two banks in the rear. It adjusts automatically to gear shifts, and can even imitate different engines that comprise a generic V8 along with two editions of the LS7 Z28.

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