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Alexa Can Now Sound Happy Or Sad With New Update

Alexa might begin sounding a bit less computerized. In an effort to make interactions with Alexa seem more obvious, Amazon has offered it the capability of responding with either a disappointed or an excited tone—for consumers in the US, at least. Alexa can, for example, announce that you have answered a difficult question rightly and sound like it really means its admiring message. It can also seem empathetic if it is informing you that your preferred sports team has lost the match.

The ability of Alexa to show emotions is supported by Neural Text-to-Speech tech by Amazon, and the firm claims “general satisfaction with the voice experience elevated by 30% when Alexa answered with emotions.” We presume the testers discovered it much more pleasant to communicate with a voice AI that that does not seem dull. By the way, Alexa can show disappointment or excitement in 3 different levels, which coders can select from to go with their requirements.

Amazon has also offered Alexa the capability of adopting a speaking manner suited for music and news content in the US, as well as for Australian news. That indicates it can alter its aspects and intonation of its speech, so it seems like a real DJ/VJ is speaking about music or an actual anchor is offering breaking news.

On a related note, before Thanksgiving, Amazon shared a teaser of its deals for Black Friday. In 2019, the firm’s sale for Black Friday will operate this entire week. Amazon will have a series of different goods discounted. Amazon will sell the Echo Dot with discount of $28, making it $22 rather than $50. It will also sell a 3-pack collection for $65. While we have not had an opportunity to evaluate the 3rd-gen Echo Dot, we did love its predecessor.

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