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The Next iPad Pro Might Come Early Next Year With 3D Sensors

You may have to hang around for the upcoming iPad Pro, even though it may offer some smart features in return. Media sources state that Apple is aiming to launch the latest pro tablet “as early as” the H1 of next year, and that it might comprise both a Face ID-akin 3D sensor system as well as two cameras to assist people make “reconstructions of objects, rooms, and people.” The speculated 3D sensor on iPhones might arrive later—you may have to purchase the iPad Pro if you need the first crack from Apple at the latest AR tech.

The same leak also echoed an earlier media report stating that Apple aims to roll out a mixed VR and AR device in 2022 (perhaps in 2021) followed by the 2023 AR glasses. The earlier scoop recommended the device might have high-res screens and a stylish AR experience that might allow users walk behind and in front of AR objects.

This is not great news if you were hanging around for an upgraded iPad Pro. If true, the new series might launch almost a year and a half after the present device. It does recommend that the new Pro will not be just a mild renovation, so it may be a simpler sell if you are craving for a high-end device and need a meaningful enhancement.

On a related note, Black Friday is still a few weeks far but vendors are doing everything in their power to keep and get your attention currently. For Walmart, that indicates launching its ad now to market Black Friday deals such as a $99 Samsung Chromebook Series 3, $129 Apple Watch Series 3, or a 1080p Roku Smart 40-inch TV from its home brand onn. for $98.

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