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Tesla Widens Delivery Times For Model 3 By A Full Month

If you believed that sales for the enchanted $35,000 Model 3 might swiftly result in a log jam… well, you presumed correctly. Tesla has expanded the US delivery times for its car by a complete month, with new orders combining in 6–8 Weeks rather than the original 2–4. You will have to opt for the $37,000 Standard Range Plus edition if you need your Model 3 as early as possible.

The firm is not shy about the reason for the extra wait time: requirement. In an interview to the media, a spokesperson claimed Tesla sometimes changed delivery times “on the basis of order volume.” In different words, it took almost a week for interest to outshine anticipated supply.

This is not a complete shock. Tesla might have begun taking orders for the initial Model 3 in February, but Elon Musk later alerted that large-scale manufacturing would not be ready till the mid 2019. Even so, it is an affirmation that there is pent-up requirement for the lower-priced car. If there is a challenge for the firm, it is catching up to that requirement while keeping the new users coming in.

On a related note, eerie during Christmas last year Tesla claimed that users who don’t buy their cars before the year concludes can still take benefit of the federal tax incentive ($7,500) completely. That tax credit will still be reduced to half when the clock strikes midnight on New Year. Elon Musk (company chief) also declared on Twitter that the firm will cover the difference in case it cannot deliver in the next couple of days if it claimed it would. It is not completely clear what he meant by this, but it can simply be a case of being accessible to get it delivered in Christmas season.

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