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Palmer Luckey’s Firm Gets Contract For The Project Maven AI Program

Palmer Luckey’s Anduril Industries disclosed that it has won an agreement on the Pentagon’s Project Maven, a contentious AI program, as reported by The Intercept. Since establishing the firm in 2017, Luckey has been aiming at the defense sector. The firm has created advanced systems that could be employed in border surveillance.

Project Maven is said to be a controversial AI program. It employs machine learning to sort through millions of hours of drone footage and assists systems to differentiate individuals from their surroundings. It would assist minimize the load on human analysts and advance the intelligence that is captured in cameras. The project’s aim is to get better data to military officers, with the notion that offers improved decisions; there is less chance of mistakes, which might result in civilian fatalities. However, that project holds a complex track record in Silicon Valley.

On a similar note, Pakistan’s employment of F-16s against India last month raised harsh questions for Washington, which had vindicated the sale on grounds of not just combating terror but also as offering “deterrence value” to Pakistan in case of a prospect clashes with India. This is precisely how Anne Patterson, the then U.S. Ambassador to Pakistan, had outlined her embassy’s pitch for an exception to allow for the distraction of American counter-terrorism economical help to Pakistan for buying F-16s and related enhancements.

This package comprised of 500 AIM-120-C5 AMRAAMs (Advanced Medium Range Air-to-Air Missiles), remainders of one of which was recovered and showed as proof by the Indian Air Force. In her 20-paragraph communique, Patterson proclaimed that an improved F-16 program also holds prevention value by offering Pakistan space and time to employ a usual, rather than nuclear, reaction in case of a potential clash with India.

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