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Orolia Releases The World’s First Ever Galileo Facilitated PLB

An international leader in emergency readiness and response—Orolia—recently announced that its Kannad SafeLink Solo PLB (Personal Location Beacons) and McMurdo FastFind 220 now function with the Galileo GNSS (global navigation satellite system) system. Persisting Orolia’s leadership and innovation role in safety electronics, the PLBs have been updated to comprise GNSS, which is Europe’s global satellite constellation. These are the globe’s first PLBs utilizing the Galileo satellites’ abilities and are the first of a sequence of innovative solutions coming from the EU-supported Helios project—managed by Orolia—which has been arranged to control the power of the novel satellite system.

These multi-constellation receivers function together with a broader range of satellites, presenting augmented global coverage and assisting accelerated release missions. Seemingly, location finding is improved and could be more accurate owing to the beacons obtaining coordinates from the satellite network of Galileo additionally to the tried and checked GPS network. The signals can still be perceived in high sided sites, such as canyons. Chris Loizou—Vice President of Maritime at Orolia—stated, “We are excited to be launching our updated PLBs in the U.S. and European markets. The merge of Galileo and GPS GNSS facility means that our clients will benefit from the exposure that covers from the North to the South Pole.”

On a similar note, recently, it was stated that the EU (European Union) is keen on embarking Indian startups for space missions. The EU is positive on Indian startups, innovators, accelerators, and incubators for association in space technology. Elzbieta Bienkowska—the EU Commissioner—stated, “Our European startups in the space domain are making satellites for financial purposes of ecology and agriculture use focusing Indian launchers as India has a lot of lesser launchers which are very cutthroat in price.”

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