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Intelsat Not Yet Able To Pinpoint Reason For Failure Of IS-29e

Virginia based satellite manufacturing firm Intelsat which has a branch in Luxembourg too has stated that its engineers are still not able to find out the exact reason behind the failure of its Intelsat-29e satellite failed within three years of launch. Initial investigations show that the satellite developed a fuel leak around 3 weeks ago and then ceased all communications with earth which is likely to cost the firm around $45 million in revenue this year. The investigations also reveal that failure of Intelsat-29e is not related in any manner to Intelsat-33e’s propulsion issues which had been launched in 2016.

Due to complete failure of Intelsat-29e the revenue projection of Intelsat for 2019 has now fallen down from previous estimates of $2.10–2.12 billion to current levels of $2–2.06 billion. Unexpected losses of customers in media and government sectors have also weighed down the projections of Intelsat by $10–15 million which is in addition to the loss of Intelsat-29e satellite. Speaking on the occasion CFO Jacques Kerrest of Intelsat stated that the firm is still calculating the financial impact of losing the satellite.

He announced that impact of loss would extend to accommodating clients that were on Intelsat-29e and have already paid for the services into competitor satellites and restructuring available capacity on functional Intelsat satellites to fit them in. The Intelsat-29e covered nearly the entire North American continent and adjacent islands by using combination of C-, Ka- and Ku- bands. Along with its earnings release the company also issued a document stating that it will use capacity on a couple of its EPIC series satellites namely Intelsat-32e and Intelsat-37e to fill the void created by Intelsat-29e and also use capacity of SES which had been obtained by a reciprocal agreement. The firm has 6 EPIC series satellites that are designed with more than 10 times the capacity of traditional spacecraft.

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