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Economists Caution That China’s Growth Can Fall By 2% In Next Decade

China has been a tough performer amid budding economies, even if its development has been declining. But that is set to end soon, as per to research company Capital Economics. Development in China can fall to 2% in the next decade—from the projected 6% to 6.5% target in this year—according to Mark Williams, Capital Economics’ Chief Asia Economist. “China’s time as a budding markets outperformer is concluding,” stated Williams during the company’s annual conference held at Singapore. He further added that the predictable 2% growth is a “long approach” from the 5–6% expected by the IMF (International Monetary Fund) for the next decade.

Speakers during the conference pointed out a number of risks, plus altering demographics in the second largest economy globally. That comprises its declining workforce, the debt problem, and increasingly inferior drivers of productivity. Those forecasts came as Li Keqiang—Chinese Premier—at the annual NPC (National People’s Congress) stated that the official financial growth target this year would be 6% to 6.5%, less than last year. Li also cautioned that there would be higher risks ahead for the Asian financial system and expressed, “We should be fully ready for a tough fight back.” China’s arrears problem would not go away—with the real worry being household debt and corporate debt—as opposed to administration, stated Capital Economics’ Senior China Economist—Julian Evans-Pritchard—during the conference. He accused increasing debt levels on weaker lending practices.

Speaking of China’s economy, recently, Shanghai stocks jumped with another 10% in wake of Chinese stimulus. China’s standard stock index can increase with another 10% on the back of “positive market” and policy announcements, CIO for the Asia Pacific at Credit Suisse—John Woods—said. Woods stated to CNBC, “We took the judgments as the market was positive. We believe that the focus on construction evidently lends itself to those equities and commodities that are in space and we think would perform well.”

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