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Cloud Constellation Picks Leostella For Building 10 Low Earth Orbital Satellites

Cloud Constellation is planning to launch 10 satellites. These will be launched at the lower orbit of earth. For this purpose, the company, which is looking into data security of companies in space, has employed LeoStella. This company will prepare the satellites on behalf of Cloud Constellation.

LeoStella is a partnership company between Thales Alenia Space and Spaceflight Industries. According to Cliff Beek, who is the Chief Executive Officer for Cloud Constellation, the company won the bid against Northrop Grumman. They were chosen just not because of the price offering but also there were several additional factors.

He explained that getting a lower price from LeoStella will help Cloud Constellation to reduce the overall cost of deployment. The company is launching “SpaceBelt.” This is an orbiting cloud storage system. The low bidding from LeoStella helped the company reduce the cost from $480 million to $350 million.

Been informed the satellites from LeoStella will be also smaller than the ones which were proposed by Northrop Grumman. LeoStella has also assured of completing the work in lesser time than its competitor. Cloud Constellation hopes that it will be able to launch the satellites in the last quarter of 2021.

Brian Rider who is the Chief Technology Officer for LeoStella informed their selection states that the company has the potential to work with new space ventures. He informed that the company was formed with a mission to help companies like Cloud Constellation in the space. Rider commented that cloud storage systems like SpaceBeltDSaaS, or Data Security as a Service, will be a new force in the domain of data security worldwide.

While the choice of LeoStella was announced on 2nd May, the finalization of the contracts will be around the month of September. This information has been provided by Beek. In the meantime LeoStella will be looking for suppliers for this new job.

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