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Apple Offers Users A 10% Bonus On Adding Money To Their Account

Apple revealed that it is offering its users some extra cash on transferring money to their Apple ID account. Through March 14, 2019, users who transfer money from their credit or debit card to their account are supposed to get a 10% bonus credit.

To get money added to their accounts, customers need to go into their phone’s settings and first to iTunes & App Store. From there, they can click on their Apple ID, and after that View Apple ID. As a final point, on that screen, the user can select to click on Add Funds to Apple ID. It reveals the bonus and shows the user what their balance is. Addition of $10 is supposed to get the user an extra dollar. Similarly, the Addition of about $100 nets the user an extra $10, with the maximum value of being $200.

On a similar note, Apple came into the news as it officially revealed that, on March 25, 2019, it will hold an event. This event is supposed to reveal the firm’s long-awaited Apple News and TV streaming subscription services. The invitation does not have much to go by, however, the animated countdown GIF and “It’s show time” tag appears to suggest that the new TV service is supposed to play a huge role.

Rumors of such an event at the March end started last month, saying that the firm will reportedly aim exclusively at services. Although, there is always a possibility that we might witness the projected announcements of a new entry-level iPad, revamped AirPods, and the long-awaited AirPower wireless charging pad. This is not the foremost time that Apple has employed this tagline for an event: the firm initially used it for an event in September 2006 where it revealed that it might begin offering movies on iTunes.

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