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78 More Measles Cases Reported Says CDC

On 8 April 2019, Center of Disease Control in US reported that doctors have come across 450 measles cases in the country since January 2019. Many states of the country have reported patients who are suffering from measles. In a press event, one of the spokesperson of CDC revealed that the present outburst of measles in the country is considered as second-greatest after medical organizations had eliminated the disease in 2000.

In 2014, US had recorded the largest number of measles patients, which were around 667. According to health analysts, measles is considered as a highly contagious disease which can easily be prevented with the help of proper vaccination. Few early symptoms of this disease are a runny nose, cough watery eyes, and fever. Back on April 4, 2019, health officials of California have reported 17 cases of measles.

During the starting of the present year, Washington had reported around 78 measles cases. The report contained residents of Oregon, Georgia, Washington and Hawaii which had come across the virus of measles in Washington. Back in October 2018, a case of measles was reported by health officials in New York. The patient was an unvaccinated kid who got infected while traveling to Israel.

Due to the outbreak of measles, Dr. Oxiris Barbot had ordered Jewish schools to put a prohibition on students who aren’t vaccinated against the measles virus. Since measles is an endemic disease in most of the countries, thus people who aren’t vaccinated against the virus get more prone to infection when they visit such places. Health officials further stated that another cause of measles outbreak is the anti-vaccine campaign which is advocated by most of the parents in the US.

While speaking to the press, Ed Day said that he completely disagrees with the judge’s orders which were enforced on Friday. The judge had prohibited counties from imposing a ban on unvaccinated individuals from entering public places.

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